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Shenzhen Aiyouxin Technology Co., Ltd.
Shenzhen Aiyouxin Technology Co., Ltd.
Shenzhen Aiyouxin Technology Co., Ltd.
Shenzhen Aiyouxin Technology Co., Ltd.


Shenzhen Aiyouxin Technology Co., Ltd.
Molex High Voltage/High Current Connector System Meets the Challenge of Electrification in the Commercial Vehicle Industry
Molex announces a rugged Imperium high voltage/high current (HVHC) connector system that delivers reliable performance even under the most extreme shock and vibration conditions found in today's comme
Molex adds EXTreme Ten60Power splitter blade
Molex expands its EXTreme Ten60Power high-current connector product line with the EXTreme Ten60 Split Blade contact system, enabling companies to meet a wider range of power supplies for data communic
Molex pushes anti-weld slag and oil pollution industrial cables
Molex recently released a series of weld-slagandoil-resistant (WSOR) cables designed for harsh environments. MolexWSOR cables are available in a full range of standard and custom termination types.
Texas Instruments Appoints Ms. Hu Yuhua as President of China
[Introduction] Texas Instruments (TI) (NASDAQ: TXN) today announced the appointment of Ms. Sandy Hu, General Manager of China's Sales and Market Applications,
Texas Instruments TI's new ADC/digital variable gain amplifier boosts broadband performance
Texas Instruments (TI) introduced the 16-bit 1GSPS analog-to-digital converter (ADC), the ADS54J60, which can exceed 70dBFS signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) at 1GSPS sampling rate. In addition, it also introduces a four-channel 14-bit 500MSPS ADC--ADS54J54 .
Texas Instruments' new ultra-low-power FRAM microcontroller revolutionizes data storage and recovery, ensuring data security in
To address the design challenges that have plagued engineers for decades, Texas Instruments (NASDAQ: TXN) today announced the revolutionary Compute Through Power Loss (CTPL) technology
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